The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) for the Cosumnes Subbasin, as established by the Cosumnes Groundwater Authority (CGA) Board of Directors, was formed to provide a productive venue for input from and information-sharing among the Subbasin’s diverse communities and interest. The CAC will serve an advisory role to the CGA Board of Directors, to inform the Board’s implementation of the Cosumnes Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan.

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The Cosumnes Groundwater Authority Board of Directors will review and select Citizens Advisory Committee members on a rolling basis at their monthly Board of Directors Meetings. Applicants are encourage to review past meeting materials ahead of applying.

Current Committee Members:

NameDate JoinedTerm Ends
Dave MeansApril 2022
Gary McEnerneyApril 2022
Neil DubrovskyApril 2022
Teresa FlewellynApril 2022
Tom MalsonApril 2022
Belinda EllisJune 2022
Mark NelsonJune 2022