The Cosumnes Groundwater Authority (CGA) Board of Directors meet regularly once a month (3rd Monday). The agenda presented here is for the upcoming/most recent CGA Board of Directors meeting. This page will be updated once meeting materials are sent to the Board and the public.

Board of Directors Meeting Archives

Please contact CGA Staff with any questions regarding past meeting materials.

Meeting DateAgenda and MaterialsMinutes
September 19, 2022September Agenda | DWR Update | Meeting PresentationDraft Minutes
August 15, 2022August Agenda | DWR Update
July 18, 2022July Agenda
June 20, 2022June Agenda (attachments as links, 22 pages) | June Agenda (attachments included, 327 pages)
May 23, 2022May Agenda
April 25, 2022April AgendaApril Minutes
March 21, 2022March AgendaMarch Minutes
February 18, 2022February AgendaFebruary Minutes
January 21, 2022January AgendaJanuary Minutes
December 20, 2021December AgendaDecember Minutes
November 29, 2021November AgendaNovember Minutes