The Cosumnes Groundwater Authority (CGA) Board of Directors meet regularly once a month (1st Wednesday). The agenda presented here is for the upcoming/most recent CGA Board of Directors meeting. This page will be updated once meeting materials are sent to the Board and the public.

**Additional meeting materials below the PDF viewer on this page.**

Board of Directors Meeting Archives

Please contact CGA Staff with any questions regarding past meeting materials.

Meeting DateAgenda Packets and Other MaterialsMinutes
April 3, 2024April Agenda Packet | SCI Final Fee Study
March 6, 2024March Agenda Packet | SCI Fee Study PresentationMarch Minutes
February 7, 2024February Agenda Packet | SCI Fee Study PresentationRecording Part 1
Recording Part 2
February Minutes
December 6, 2023December Agenda Packet | EKI Technical PresentationDecember Minutes/Recording
November 1, 2023November Agenda PacketNovember Minutes/Recording
October 4, 2023October Agenda Packet | Funding Study Presentation | Outreach Materials | CGA Newsletter #1 | Audit and Draft Financial Policies Memo
September 18, 2023September Agenda Packet
August 21, 2023August Agenda Packet | DWR Update | Written Public Comments
July 17, 2023July Agenda Packet | CGA Annual Work Plan | Drought Workshop Flyer
June 26, 2023June Agenda Packet | CAC Meeting Summary
June 22, 2023Board Training Agenda Packet
May 15, 2023May Agenda Packet
April 17, 2023April Agenda Packet
March 20, 2023March Agenda Packet | Draft WY ’22 Annual Report | Draft Annual Report Figures
February 17, 2023February Agenda Packet | Staff Presentation | Draft Outreach Posters
February 6, 2023Special Meeting Agenda | Presentation
January 23, 2023January Agenda | Audit Services Proposals | Technical Presentation | Fee Study Methodology Presentation | Staff Presentation | DWR Updates
December 19, 2022December Agenda
December 5, 2022December Special Meeting Agenda Packet
November 21, 2022November Agenda | DWR Update | Draft DWR Grant Application | Draft DWR Grant Application (clean copy, no track changes) Draft Delta Conveyance Project Letter | Draft Funding Study Presentation | Outreach and Engagement Presentation | Farmer Survey
November 17, 2022Special Meeting Agenda | Draft Grant Component Narratives | Staff Presentation
October 18, 2022Workshop Agenda | Staff Presentation
October 17, 2022October Agenda | Staff Presentation | EKI Presentation | DWR Update
September 19, 2022September Agenda | DWR Update | Meeting PresentationDraft Minutes
August 15, 2022August Agenda | DWR Update
July 18, 2022July Agenda