The Cosumnes Groundwater Authority (CGA) Board of Directors meet regularly once a month (1st Wednesday). The agenda presented here is for the upcoming/most recent CGA Board of Directors meeting. This page will be updated once meeting materials are sent to the Board and the public.

**Additional meeting materials below the PDF viewer on this page.**

Board of Directors Meeting Archives

Please contact CGA Staff with any questions regarding past meeting materials.

Meeting DateAgenda Packets and Other MaterialsMinutes
May 1, 2024May Agenda PacketMay Minutes
April 3, 2024April Agenda Packet | SCI Final Fee Study April Minutes
March 6, 2024March Agenda Packet | SCI Fee Study PresentationMarch Minutes
February 7, 2024February Agenda Packet | SCI Fee Study PresentationRecording Part 1
Recording Part 2
February Minutes
December 6, 2023December Agenda Packet | EKI Technical PresentationDecember Minutes/Recording
November 1, 2023November Agenda PacketNovember Minutes/Recording
October 4, 2023October Agenda Packet | Funding Study Presentation | Outreach Materials | CGA Newsletter #1 | Audit and Draft Financial Policies Memo
September 18, 2023September Agenda Packet
August 21, 2023August Agenda Packet | DWR Update | Written Public Comments
July 17, 2023July Agenda Packet | CGA Annual Work Plan | Drought Workshop Flyer
June 26, 2023June Agenda Packet | CAC Meeting Summary
June 22, 2023Board Training Agenda Packet
May 15, 2023May Agenda Packet
April 17, 2023April Agenda Packet
March 20, 2023March Agenda Packet | Draft WY ’22 Annual Report | Draft Annual Report Figures
February 17, 2023February Agenda Packet | Staff Presentation | Draft Outreach Posters
February 6, 2023Special Meeting Agenda | Presentation
January 23, 2023January Agenda | Audit Services Proposals | Technical Presentation | Fee Study Methodology Presentation | Staff Presentation | DWR Updates
December 19, 2022December Agenda
December 5, 2022December Special Meeting Agenda Packet
November 21, 2022November Agenda | DWR Update | Draft DWR Grant Application | Draft DWR Grant Application (clean copy, no track changes) Draft Delta Conveyance Project Letter | Draft Funding Study Presentation | Outreach and Engagement Presentation | Farmer Survey
November 17, 2022Special Meeting Agenda | Draft Grant Component Narratives | Staff Presentation
October 18, 2022Workshop Agenda | Staff Presentation
October 17, 2022October Agenda | Staff Presentation | EKI Presentation | DWR Update
September 19, 2022September Agenda | DWR Update | Meeting PresentationDraft Minutes
August 15, 2022August Agenda | DWR Update
July 18, 2022July Agenda